I must admit something to you: My name is Valerie Davidson and I'm an Iced Tea addict.
There. I said it.

I know this can be a controversial subject. Some people like hot tea, herbal tea, or soda. True Iced Tea drinkers, however, have very strong opinions on how this delectable beverage should be served. Sweet, Unsweet, or a-Dash-o-Lemon Tea. Me, gimme mine with a lotta ice, no sweetener and hint of lemon. Then...perfection!

Why am I babbling about Iced Tea?? Well, because while we all have things in common, we also have specific things which make us unique. Like Style. Art. Love.

I'm as passionate about light and photography as I am about the way my tea should be served. Well, actually more passionate (when it comes to photography, not tea!)

Photography is my life.

That discerning passion is something I want to share with you. When the light is just right, I get a bit emotional. I want to capture a special moment and I really want to put you in the frame. I want you to be as excited about the golden light glowing in your hair as I am, and I'd love to show you how beautiful you are through my lens.

We more than 20 years rooted the Sierra Vista Community, we've seen a lot of folks come and go. As part of an Army community we are all keenly aware of the bond of friendships and the need to hold on to the special memories while we can. At Lily & Daisy Photography, we specialize in the special time of Teens and Seniors, but love kids, pets and families, too.

If you're here looking at our page, we'd love to get to know you. Give us a call or drop us an email. I promise to have the Iced Tea brewed just how you like it!